You are saved. The end.
What else is there!
~A fellow sojourner~

One of my dearest friends called this morning with a joy in her voice that I haven’t heard before. She asked if she could tell me a story of what God has done in her life. Who am I to say “no”, or “this really isn’t a good time”. The light of Christ is shining through the phone.

So I say with great anticipation… “Yes please”.

She tells me that she finally understands what being a new creation is. She grew up in the church. She has heard many sermons about being a new creation and that Heaven is then for the new creation, and that she, being a new creation, has found a friend in Jesus. But never had she heard that “When you choose to sin as a new creation, you’re going against the new nature God has secured inside you with the Holy Spirit. Conversely, when you choose godliness, righteousness, and holiness, you’re embracing the good news of the change that has occurred in your life.” (The Explicit Gospel Bible Study by Matt Chandler. Published by Life Way Press 2012 second printing. Pg.61)

She continues and tells me “Lisa, for the first time, I understand….. Why didn’t I know this?”

We continue to talk about what this means. How great God is. How our sin and failure really brings pain and bondage. How life in this new perspective brings joy and…. FREEDOM. Freedom from being upset about messing up and now, being able to praise God that He is at work in our lives. Freedom to see that life really isn’t that bad, but that He is in everything and that there is good. Freedom to lift our heads from the poor me I’m not good enough and nothing seems to be getting better, and now live victoriously with our heads held high and praising God for the big and the little things in our lives. Freedom to see Jesus is all things, for from Him and through Him and to Him are all things. Freedom to give Him glory for the work He has done, instead of wonder where He is. Freedom to love…. Because I am loved.

Then my friend said something so profound, yet so simple.

“You are saved. The end. What is else is there!”

Yup, so true girlfriend. What else is there?….

Praise God!