It’s amazing how much each of us has this seemingly insatiable need to be fully accepted. Some of us will even fight for that desire and end up turning people away and becoming so unlovely in the process. Most people in this world run from the unlovely. They hate to have to face the unlovable and the mean. There is a disgust that rises up within us and makes us want to reject that foul stench.

But….. Not Jesus.

He is always patient and loving and kind. Always graciously bearing all things in love from the unlovable. Never rejecting, never abandoning those that He calls His own.

He loves and something happens in the heart of the unlovely. It becomes… Well… Loveable. It becomes soft and pliable and that person becomes just a little more like the way He intended us to be. Made in His image. Loveable.

I am so thankful for the love of Jesus. Not only has He melted and softened this crusty and mean heart with walls that are greater and stronger than the Great Wall of China, but I know I am loved and when I settle into that most desirable place, I am free… To love.

Thank you Jesus for loving this crusty, grumpy, raging ol sinner.