Heavenly Father, Lord of all,
There are many a day that have passed where I have found that my eyes have shifted to the things and cares of this world, and have not settled fully on You. In these days there is much distress and troubles, for my heart has become burdened with fear and anxiety and has forgotten Your power and majesty and Promise in my life.

Father, please stamp eternity on my eyeballs so that I am forever holding my gaze on You. Only You can do this, I am weak and forgetful and always wanting comfort and ease.

This life here is hard, but it is not something I should be in fear of or have anxiety in, for You are with me, wherever I go, and You have said: do not fear, do not be discouraged.

You are in control of my life and nothing is too big or too hard for you. In fact You knew all of what has happened and will happen in my life.

You are my God who cares about every detail, even how many hairs I have on my head, for you placed them there. And the times when stress makes them shed more than normal, You know how many I loose and are there with me through those times. Thank You for never leaving me, never letting me be alone.

I am and have been very unlovely and I forget so frequently the goodness and care You unfailing give to me. Please forgive me for my forgetfulness and my hunger for comfort and cyclical discontentment.

Father, may I remember today that You have given me all that I need. That without You in my life, it would be unbearable. Please remind me that I have so many things to be thankful for, and there is nothing that can separate us… That even when I fail, over and over and over again, that You have me. Even when I’m obsessed with myself and not You.

Please remind me that You have secured my life in You and that means not only for heaven, but for now… for eternity.

Please stamp eternity only eyeballs because I forget and live like it was only for a quick moment, or that heaven is just too far away. Eternity is now – forever. Thank You.

So, Father, I pray with Gloria Furman from the book “Treasuring Christ when your hands are full”, and ask that “By Your grace, would You refresh my heart and renew my mind through Your Word and Your Spirit that I would marvel at “the excellencies of him (You) who called you (me) out of darkness into his (Your) marvellous light” (1 Peter 2:9).”

This is my desire, for I know that You alone are worthy and You alone are are my Hope.

Father thank You for Your Son Jesus… Thank You for Your marvellous light…

(I have adapted the quote from Gloria Furman to be in first person for my prayer.)