Dr. R.C Sproul writes in his commentary on Romans, “Christ is our peace, so for us there is no more war with God.”
When I think of the time surrounding my salvation, it couldn’t tell you who was playing what major league sport that day, or if there was war waging in a country across the sea. But I can tell you of the effort and love that certain individuals poured into me. I can also tell you of the grief that I experienced and the pain I felt I endured. But what sticks out the most is the peace I couldn’t explain. I had never felt that before. Never. And it was at one of the most difficult moments of my life.

Peace. Surpassing all understanding. I couldn’t explain it. Peace.

Reading Dr. Sprouls’ statement this morning makes sense to me. today I see fresh again that because He saved me, I have peace. My soul is at rest. I am free. Saved. I have laid down in green pastures. Peace…

Though trial and tribulation have come and will come again. The sifting and purification burns away what needs to be. There is peace. My soul is not at war with God. He loves me and I am at rest in HIM. And there is no place else that I want to be.